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Robert Erwin, The “Tie Dye Kid” grew up….well sort of…..In 1970 I begged my Mom to buy a 19 cent box of RIT dye at the grocery store, and an obsession with beautiful bright clothing began. I was known as “The Tie Dye Kid” by the 7th grade and soon everything I had was dyed ( even my jock strap). Psychedelic Clothesline is nothing more than a current-day-manifestation of my ongoing love for the wistful nature of liquid color. We even opened “The West Coast Premier Tie Dye School”, Tie Dye Youniversity in 2010 and people have traveled from around the world to dye with My Partner, Charmaine Turpin and Myself! You may notice our dyes are VERY Bright…We use proprietary methods to make the brightest, most unique Tie Dye you’ll ever see. All the items in our Etsy Boutique are top quality, Lots-of-Love hand made by Charmaine & myself. We make mostly single one-off run stuff…that is to say unique- one- of- a- kind- something- fun- to call- your-own wearable art! We LOVE custom orders and we can pull off that unusual or singular project that other Dyers told you can’t be done. We want to thank you for supporting our Full-Time endeavor and if you have any questions feel free.

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